Business program

On May 28, 2020 two pannel discussions will be organized:

  • Design of light space of transport infrastructure as a factor of increasing the attractiveness of public transport
  • Lighting for repair areas of parks and electric depots: how to improve safety, quality and energy efficiency

The purpose of the discussions is to evaluate the present state of lighting at passenger transport infrastructure, to analyze market offers, prospects for the development of advanced lighting technologies and solutions, to establish a direct dialogue between manufacturers of lighting devices and interested customers from subways, Russian Railways, the organizations responsible for illumination of territories of railway stations, bus stations and airports.

Topics to be raised up:

  • Legislative and regulatory framework: specific demands of the transport industry
  • The quality issues. Certification, testing, reliability and guaranty period for lighting equipment
  • The use of energy-efficient lighting transport technologies: reducing costs, improving the quality of the light environment. Energy service contract for the transport operators
  • Competent lighting design of transport facilities as an element of a healthy and positive atmosphere in the places of people congestion
  • Ecology of lighting: risks to passengers and staff
  • Interior lighting rolling stock: trends and prospects
  • Emergency lighting, information signs