Dates and vanue

3-d innovation salon of transport lighting will be held in Moscow 27-29 May 2020 at Sokolniki Eco-center, pavilion 4.0.

Sokolniki Eco-center is situated in the center of Moscow in Sokolniki park. It fits to all needs and expectations of the participants due to its modern facilities, convenient location, well-developed infrastructure, ample opportunities for negotiating and establishing new contacts between suppliers and consumers. There are enough hotels situated nearby: Holiday Inn, SokolnikiBorodinoKosmos.

The exposition and business program are free for the registered specialists from public transport, city administrations and devoted industries.

How to get to the exhibition? Scheme.

Metro SOKOLNIKI, 5 minutes walk to Sokolniki park, then about 10 minutes up to the pavilion 4.0.

Shattle bus is organized from Sokolniki metro station to the pavilion. Car parking is allowed near the pavilion for RR 500.